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  • salt water damage title
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  • lemon title
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certified lemon non repairable / no vin title stolen excluded / exempt original color changed repossession risk damage disclosure reconstructed after an accident using stolen parts prior crashes salvage title

Vehicle Check

Vehicle Check A thorough vehicle check is the first step towards the purchase for all used car buyers. On Vehicle Check website you can learn what should be included in pre-purchase vehicle check and what vehicle check options are available to consumers today. If you want to buy safely you want to make sure you know everything about the car. Vehicle check should always include the following:

  • Vehicle history check (or the VIN number check) - a must for any used car buyer. VIN number check helps discover the truth

about the past of a used car (problems titles, registration records, odometer problems and other) and estimate it’s actual value. VIN number check can save not your just money but even life. More about VIN check .

  • Pre-purchase vehicle inspection is done to check the vehicle for hidden mechanical and

electrical problems and estimate its actual wear.

  • Test-driving. It is essential to get the feel of the car and make sure this one actually suits you in all ways.

What is Vehicle History Check?

Vehicle History Check (also known as VIN number check, VIN lookup or Vehicle History Report) should be your first step for it can save you a great deal of time and efforts.

Vehicle History Check includes the following:

  • Vehicle Title check
  • Vehicle Registration check
  • Vehicle Ownership check
  • Odometer check
  • Airbag deployment check
  • Accident check
  • Vehicle Use check
  • Lien/Loan check
  • Theft check
  • State inspection records
  • Lemon check
  • Water, fire, hail or other major damage check
  • Vehicle maintenance records
  • Registration in problem areas
  • Check if the vehicle was written off
  • vehicle salvage check

vehicle check written off vehicle check written off vehicle rebuilt check vehicle flood check vehicle accident check vehicle crash check vehicle lien check vehicle water damage check

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Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection is costly but it’s a must-do component of a safe purchase. Unfortunately, not all accidents get reported to authorities which means that there is a small chance to get a problem vehicle even if the VIN check shows clean history. In addition, you don’t how the car was exploited or if it was maintained properly. An experienced mechanic take notice of all the faults and malfunctions and help you estimate the actual cost of the car. Read more about pre purchase vehicle inspection. Read more about Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection…».

Test-Driving a Used Vehicle

For safety considerations, we highly recommend to test-drive a used car after running vehicle history check. Why? You can never know what to expect from, say, a water damaged car. And getting stopped by the police while test-driving a stolen vehicle will turn your life into a waking nightmare.

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Vehicle Registration check

The term vehicle registration check applied mostly to UK vehicle and involves checking the vehicle’s background based on its registration plate number. Read more about Vehicle Registration check…».

We hope our guides help you do proper vehicle check before you make a decision.

Vehicle Safety Check

Vehicle Safety Check is mandatory in many countries, the procedure is typically regulated by the state’s law. Read more about Vehicle Safety Check…».