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Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist

This daily vehicle inspection checklist is one of the two most essential safety aspects - control over yourself as a driver and over your vehicle. As an experienced driver, you may be paying attention to all of the below automatically.

What you can and must check daily:

  • Brakes is probably the most important safety aspect. Make sure your brakes function properly before starting on a long drive at high speed or on a busy road. Check pedal pressure, make sure the vehicle responds immediately and smoothly.

  • Make sure mirrors are adjusted properly before before driving

*Put on your seat belt, make sure you can unfasten it easily.

  • Make sure the horn works
  • Tires should be properly inflated, tread not worn down, you must have a spare tire

  • Windshield wipers and windshield washer (especially is you drive in changeable weather conditions).
  • Gasoline level (make sure you enough at least to get to the nearest gas station)
  • Check fluid levels ( power steering, oil, transmission, coolant, power brakes)
  • Airbag indicator should turn on when you turn on the engine and then turn off.

Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist for Hired Staff

Daily vehicle inspection checklist for hired staff is stricter because proper vehicle condition is not just a matter of safety but also the value of the vehicle and responsibility of the driver for the owner’s property. Such inspections take place before any operations, after any operation or when the drivers are changed and results are recorded in a daily vehicle inspection report. The person in charge fills out and signs a vehicle inspection checklist form. A typical daily vehicle inspection checklist includes the following:

  • Tyre inspection: inflation pressure, cuts and cracks, tread depth
  • Wheel inspection: rim damage, dust caps, wheel nuts
  • Passenger compartment: brakes operation, steering wheel, emergency lights, restraint systems (seat belts, airbags), mobile radios, any loose objects
  • Engine compartment: fluid levels (oil, coolant, clutch, brake fluid, battery water, steering fluid), loose wiring and hoses, accessory belts.
  • Luggage compartment: wheel spanner, jack, spare tyre.
  • Other: road license /insurance, windshield wipers, lights, horn, car radio, heating, air conditioning, door handles

Please not that vehicle check requirements and daily vehicle inspection checklist sheets vary from stare to stare and from company to company. The from may consist of a list of questions regarding the vehicle’s conditions and yes/no alternatives.