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certified lemon non repairable / no vin title stolen excluded / exempt original color changed repossession risk damage disclosure reconstructed after an accident using stolen parts prior crashes salvage title

How To Test Drive a Used Car

You should be very careful during this part of vehicle check, no need to explain why.

  • Make sure the key turns and see if the engine starts easily. Does the airbag light turn on and then off when you switch ignition? Does the key go out easily?
  • Does transmission shift easily? Note if it produces any clunking or whining sounds.
  • You should check alignment & rims. For this, you’ll need a flat, empty piece of road. When you are sure that no one is driving beside you, take your hands of the steering wheel and see if the car pulls to or right or left. This implies alignment problems. If the steering wheel is shaking or vibrating this implies bent rims. Driving at high speed with bent rims is quite problematic and unsafe. Straightening bent rims is possible but that will cost something. And of course, straightened rims are weaker than normal ones.
  • Listen for sounds coming from the wheels, especially when making gentle turn at medium speed. Howling sounds point to defective or worn down wheel bearings.
  • Checking CV joints is critically important for front wheel drive cars. bad CV joints can only be replaced. If you can hear clicking sounds while taking sharp corners, CV joints are bad.
  • Listen to noises coming from the front end. They indicate bad shocks, bad bolt joints, or bad stabilizer links. Inform your mechanic about them so that he finds out what exactly makes the noise. Stabilizer links are cheaper and easier to replace. Some cars may have stabilizer links in the rear end. Find out where the stabilizer links are in this car
  • Press the accelerator hard to speed up to 60mph at flat, long spot on a highway. Make sure the engine is still running smoothly. Press the brakes to make sure they feel firm and respond immediately.
  • Check speedometer and other dashboard device readings. Make sure the , engine and ABS lights are off.
  • Turn on stereo for some time, make sure there is distortion in the speakers at high volume. However, you should not don’t play it loud all the way for you can miss other important noises.
  • If you live in mountain area make sure the car climbs easily and the motor sounds normal.
  • Make sure the visibility is good enough on a busy highway. Good visibility is essential while parking.