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certified lemon non repairable / no vin title stolen excluded / exempt original color changed repossession risk damage disclosure reconstructed after an accident using stolen parts prior crashes salvage title

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Pre-purchase vehicle inspection is a must for a prospective used car buyer. In the process of a detailed examination a qualified expert assesses the mechanical, safety and cosmetic condition of the vehicle that influences its value and has a key impact on purchasing decision. Purchasing a vehicle from another city or state without the possibility to do a test-drive and without pre-purchase inspection by an expert is associated with extremely high risks and is not recommended, in no circumstances.

Can I Do Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection On My Own?

You can do pre-purchase vehicle inspection on your own if you are an expert or someone from your family or friends are experts and are ready to help. If you are not an expert, it can be good idea to inspect the vehicle yourself for obvious problems prior to having it inspected by a qualified mechanic. In some cases it turns out that hiring an expert makes no sense and you need to search for another car. Click here for more detailed pre-purchase vehicle inspection checklist However, we strongly recommend to hire an independent professional mechanic for the final independent vehicle inspection (don’t use the one the dealer suggests, you understand why!).

The Cost of Independent Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

The costs of pre-purchase vehicle inspection vary. The price depends on the cost and class of the car, the location of the service, experience of the staff. The average range is $150-250. A complex luxury-class car inspection will cost a few extra hundred dollars. Even though pre-purchase vehicle inspection is the last step in used vehicle check, procedure it makes sense to choose a vehicle inspection service in advance. Read how to choose a vehicle inspection service.

Can I Do Without Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

Don’t try to save on pre-purchase vehicle inspection, this procedure makes serious financial sense. If the car passes vehicle history check successfully it is most likely a good deal. But sometimes hidden problems can escape from the vehicle history report. In addition, not all accidents may be reported to authorities. At the best, you may overpay now and run into huge maintenance expenses later on. At the worst you will compromise your and your family’s safety. A qualified mechanic will always recognize serious damage or technical issues the car had in the past. Vehicle safety inspection is probably the most important part of the process.

Remember that a good pre-purchase vehicle inspection it’s not so much the matter of knowledge as of experience and a well trained eye. You don’t need an expert’s help to understand the results of vehicle history check; even if you have questions the Internet will easily answer all of them. But you can easily miss out critical details during a vehicle inspection an expert would never overlook, especially if you are get emotionally caught up on a certain vehicle. A vehicle inspection expert knows what sort of problems ar typical for a specific make and model, where to look for weak spots, how to recognize them and how they affect the value of a used vehicle. Moreover, many vehicle inspection experts specialize in specific makes and models.