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Possible Issues with this Vehicle:

Title correction auction announced as frame damage lease clean title accident damage auction announced as exempt from odometer laws altered from the manufacturer's original design being stolen manufacturer recalls for recycling only lien reported

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Basic Data:


Manufacturing Country / Region:USA / North America



Drive type:4WD 

Basic Specifications: AM/FM Stereo, Compact Disc ,Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Tilt Wheel, Power Brakes, Power Windows

Number of Cylinders:6

Body:Wagon 4 Door 

Transmission Type:Automatic 

Safety Features:Dual Front Air Bags 


VIN History Records:Available

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how to check VIN Suzuki GS550:

how to check VIN Suzuki GS550 | Vehicle Identification Number Checks - General Info, Full-Length Features

Different Internet reports assisting with used truck or motorcyle seller ramps alert my no means to to bypass an indispensable phase in looking for a old Infiniti: getting the car history listing. Ok, what can you tell about VIN check practice and what does this forfend shoppers from? In case you desire to to be aware what sort of a motor car the the marketeer may be in actual fact marketing to you well ahead of getting the car keys you'll need the VIN history data. In addition to verifying, crunching this number pulls up a big number of things about that motorbike or motorhome or car, to name a few, the model name, such as, Kawasaki ZX750-L, country code, the maker's code assigned to the manufacturer by the SAE, for example, Piaggio or Mitsubishi, as well as other major features, to name a few, number of driving wheels. Most of all that takes place as long as the motorbike or car or truck is being utilized, for instance, last recorded odometer reading, the Mechanic Lien title, odometer tampering, generally even plain servicing records, for one ignition system checking, is passed to sites converting existing information into comprehensible VIN histories. Be clear of the next the future trailer or motorcyle or car purchaser and the bargainor have absolutely opposite desires, he has always been to shake off
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Pre-Purchase Issues Discussed:

    Addressed Models: Zhejiang Leike Machinery,

  • Nell: 12.4.11
  • Addressed Models: Vespa GT200, Yamaha YZF-R6,

  • Linda: 11.21.12
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  • What about the original warranty?
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  • How long of a test-drive will you allow?
  • does the owner market it with the extended warranty?
  • can parting with this motor car presume any particular causes?
  • had many collisions occurred?
  • who did the seller obtain this automobile from?
  • will you let me see the moneyback policy?

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