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Stolen Vehicle Check

Stolen vehicle check is probably the most essential part of pre purchase vehicle check, especially if you buy the vehicle from out of state. Buying a junk car or the one with a tampered odometer reading is overpaying, buying a stolen vehicle means getting into trouble with the police and having the vehicle seized when the truth is discovered.

Check VIN History to Avoid Stolen Vehicle

The easiest way to do stolen vehicle check is to get the vehicle history report online. Car theft is not the only problem associated with used vehicles. Many of them may have various other “bad” titles (odometer rollback, total loss, lemon, etc). Having all this information in one report is very convenient. In addiction, reputable online vehicle history report providers provide a buy-back guarantee on with their reports. This means that if the vehicle has a title not included in the report, the company obliges to buy the vehicle back from you.

Stolen vehicle VIN check is more than just a vehicle history report. Have you ever heard about VIN cloning scam? This scam is used to sell stolen cars under the cover of a “clean” VIN number. A VIN plate with a number that has a good history is attached to a vehicle of the same make and model. When necessary, the vehicle may be repainted winch makes stolen vehicle search not so easy. The potential buyer checks the VIN, sees no suspicious records and buys the car that has actually been stolen. The clean VIN numbers are obtained in different ways, for example, on parking lots.

Can I Do Stolen Vehicle Check Free?

Yes, free stolen vehicle check begins when you come to see the owner and inspect the vehicle. There are a number of ways to track down suspicions vehicles even before you do VIN check. First, you need to inspect the vehicle carefully for any signs of being repainted. If the owner didn’t inform you and the information is not found in the papers, this is a warning sign. Also, remember to check the VIN on the vehicles and the area around the plate for any scratches, molds of other signs of being crafted. Make sure the VIN number AND the engine number match those in the documents.

Ask the owner questions about the vehicle, don’t be shy. It’s a good practical idea to write down the questions you want to ask in advance:

  • When and where he/she purchased the vehicle?
  • Why is he selling the vehicle?
  • Did he experience any problems with it?
  • Did he experience any problems with it?
  • Were there any major repairs, such as engine or transmission replacement?

In addition, in the US stolen vehicles check by it’s VIN can be done at your local DMV office (in the US), at the or sometimes online (your state’s DMV sire url may look like dmv.yoursitename.gov). A small processing fee may be applied. For the vehicles registered in the UK you need send an inquiry to PNC (Police National Computer for recorded stolen vehicles). The search is based on the vehicle’s registration plate.

If for some reason you still suspect the vehicle stolen, you should contact police and your local DMV office.