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  • recovered theft title
  • watercraft title
  • police taxi salvage title
  • non-repairable title
  • bond title
  • lien papers title
  • rebuilt junk title
  • auction sales receipt title
  • seized title
  • salvage letter-parts only title

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Possible Issues with this Vehicle:

Selling price lower than lien amount not allowed on highways damage disclosure reconstructed after an accident safety problems accident indicators part only title real mileage unknown theft insurance claim irreparable lemon

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Basic Data:


Manufacturing Country / Region:Germany / Europe




Transmission Type:5 Spd Automatic 

Basic Specifications:Air Conditioning, Power Brakes, Sun Roof, ABS (4-Wheel) , Power Windows, Tilt Wheel, Compact Disc, Daytime Running Lights, Power Steering, AM/FM Stereo

Safety Features:Dual Front and Side Air Bags 

Number of Cylinders:6


VIN History Records:Available

  • Odometer Mileage Tampering, 4 signs to look for - Simple Car ...

    24 Mar 2012 ... Look closely to make sure the numbers line up, if it has an old-style analog odometer. Check the service history thoroughly for previous ...

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  • Odometer Mileage Reporting

    Once a vehicle passes inspection, a recognizable sticker is placed on the front windscreen identifying it as having an authentic odometer reading. E-Certificates  ...

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vehicle odometer check:

Odometer Disclosure - Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles ...

Yes, reporting the odometer mileage reading is encouraged, but not mandatory if: The vehicle is 10 years old or older,; The vehicle is a commercial vehicle with ...

vehicle odometer check - Check the Seller's Honesty Before You Purchase The Auto, !

Every time you have determination of to acquiring a old Volkswagen, you should have been explained on different blogs that you need to set off with VIN number lookup. None the less, being clear about how one should profit from VIN check plus to what extent the check alleviates it for an old truck or motorcyle seeker is obviously critical. Homonymous VIN numbers are in no event expected to be observed on multiple autos, much as it is in the illustration with repeated DNA line. The sequential number that aids you to verify a specific car other than car or model because they might be absolutely the same for several cars the maker's indicator as set forth by applied regulations, for instance, Suzuki or HUMMER, as well as other cardinal data, e.c, check digit - the vehicle identification code and nothing above that memorizes all this information. Every time something critical occurs after the automobile's being put on sale the majority of the information, like warranty closure, Lease Rebuildable title, suffering flood damage inflicting probable total loss settlement, should become infinitely nonseparable the vehicle identification number sequence. The backbone fact is. Whenever circumstances can allow, an automobile of third-rate for the largest possible bucks, yours ought to be buying the best sort automobile at the lowerst cost
  • Odometer Mileage Tampering, 4 signs to look for - Simple Car ...

    Check the box stating "the odometer reading is not the actual mileage - Warning - Odometer Discrepancy. (Example: If the odometer on your vehicle was replaced when the old odometer read 50...

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  • JEVIC - Independent Odometer Verification

    Legislation requires that the department collect and validate the odometer mileage reading for most motor vehicles upon initial registration and registered owner ...

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  • 1FTNE24W46HA49887: 2006 Ford Econoline Cargo
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  • 1FAPP2192JW228895: 1988 Ford Escort

Pre-Purchase Issues Discussed:

Regular questions a prospective auto purshaser is urged to note:
  • Has the owner possessed it for long?
  • does it have previous owners before the seller purchased it?
  • any moneyback terms encompassed in your purchase contract?
  • why do the owner wish to part with this automobile?
  • Is a testdrive permitted?
  • does it have the extended warranty?
  • is your motor car reassembled after a collision?
  • What about the original warranty?

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vehicle odometer check

Enter Your VIN:

  • stolen/unrec theft title
  • junk receipt title
  • flood - scrap title
  • non-repairable title
  • salvage letter-parts only title
  • flood - scrap title
  • strom area title
  • unrec theft - salvage title
  • flood clean title
  • abandoned title

...And other problem titles across 50 states & Canada!
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