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certified lemon non repairable / no vin title stolen excluded / exempt original color changed repossession risk damage disclosure reconstructed after an accident using stolen parts prior crashes salvage title

Vehicle Owner Check

Vehicle Owner Check If you are planning to buy a used vehicle and want to check how many owners the vehicle had in the past, the most simple way is to get a vehicle history report online. For this, you don’t have to travel anywhere or file any applications. The report will also tell you where and when the vehicle was registered and if it was ever used by police, government, as taxi or a rental vehicle. IN the UK, the previous owners’ names will be seen if the V5 registration certificate. IN the US it’s a problem - the title does not have the names of previous owners. Anyway, the vehicle history report will give you a lot of other valuable information about the hidden history of the vehicle: it’s not just the owner that needs to be checked.

Do You Have Good Reason for Vehicle Owner Check?

If you know the vehicle’s registration plate or the VIN number and want to find out who owns the vehicle, it is doable. You may have every reason for that - making a claim on the car owner’s insurance, someone is parking his car on your land, you received a penalty charge of a vehicle that you don’t own, when you find out that your car is registered not to your name, when you wintness a crime or an accident. The VIN and the registration plate numbers are tied with the owner’s name and the information is kept at the DMV (in the US) and at DVLA (in the UK). However, that information is closed and protected by the Drivers Privacy Protection Act in the US and Data Protection Act of 1998 in the UK. So, in order to obtain the vehicle owner’s name and address you will have to prove that you actually have a good reason for requesting that information. Please, also note that the such information is not just given out to anyone who happens to drop by. You will have to file a request where you will specify your personal information, such as name, birth date, address and even SSN or National insurance number. Another way is to contact the police. The police has easy access to that information and to a lot of other information that you will never be able to gain access to. So, if you are really concerned about that vehicle check and it’s owner contacting the police can be a safer and more effective way to solve the issue. Hiring a private detective for car owner check is also effective but way too costly, police is free.