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Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklist

What kind of vehicle safety inspection checklist are you looking for? It it’s a checklist for mandatory safety inspections currently done in 20 states, please scroll to the bottom of the page and use the link to safety checklist for different states.

However, it’s is highly recommended for any driver to have a vehicle safety inspection checklist of this or her own so as to check the vehicle for potential safety issues every time before getting behind the stirring wheel. In certain cases, these little checks save lives.

Visual Safety Checks

Visual safety checks is the fist thing to start with.

  • Exterior checks. Walk around your car and inspect it carefully. Make sure the tires are inflated properly and are not worn, the mirrors, reflectors and the lights are on their place and have no cracks, the windows are intact and have no cracks, the gas tank cap is properly fitted. If is also recommended to make sure there are no leaks (oil, transmission, brakes).

  • Interior checks. Check safety belts, make sure they are not worn and fasten and unfasten easily. Make sure there are not rips or bumps on the rug near the pedals. Rugs and bums may prevent proper operation of the pedals which may result in an accident. Make sure each pedal has a rubber cover. Make sure there are not unusual smells.

Check Dashboard Lights

Turn on the engine and make sure all warning lights are on. It is recommended to check front and rear signal lights, brake and tail lights, which, however, may be trick if you are alone.

Brakes Checks

Always check brakes before you hit the road. Make sure the brakes stop the car appropriately. The car should start to respond immediately when you press the brakes. However, you should not be able to press it all the way down to the floor. Make sure no unusual smells appear.

Steering Checks

Make sure your steering wheel operates smoothly and the wheels don’t lounge on a shaky road.

Regular Vehcile Checks

This part of vehicle checks cannot be done every time you need to drive. However, do these checks at least once a week

  • Check integrity of hoses and belts, make sure there are not leaks, make sure all are properly fitted.
  • Make sure all fluid levels are correct (power steering, engine oil, pay special attention to brakes)
  • Make sure the muffler is fitted properly
  • Check exhaust pipe integrity
  • Turn on the engine, make sure it makes no funny or unusual noises.

Vehicle Safety Inspection Checklists for Different States

Vehicle safety inspection is a mandatory procedure in 20 US states, which ensures that all the vehicles used on the roads are As requirements to vehicle safety vary from state to state, so do vehicle safety inspection checklists.